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Nick Carter A Day

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lilrie83 @ 10:34 pm: i have been a nick carter fan since 96 and i never had a chance to go to a concert for bsb becuase when i tried to get tickets i nver got through and when i did they where sold out, so i entered the sears contest why did i think ied have luck there,all i wished for was to get to know nick for who he really is not becuase he is a bsb, i was looking at a website that had nick carter pics and i saw one with nick smoking wow since when did he start? i just hope he will realize that smoking will mess up his beautiful voice. anyway i hope to make friends and share my thoughts and opinions. nick rulzzzzzzzzz oh yeah i heard nicks number was one of the many celebs people called after paris's cell was hacked if anyone knwos if thats tru please let me know. thanx

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Date:March 12th, 2005 12:36 pm (UTC)

its true

its true abiut the cell hacking - but nicks number is not in it :(
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